Computer education and English language training can make a big difference to employment seeking girls and can grow their chances of finding dignified jobs. As we know that educating Girls is also important for the overall development of the society and country. Educated Girl develops several skills, information and Self-confidence which helps her in becoming a better parent and citizen and they can easily get healthier and happier life. We are passionate to help them with technical education so that they can help themselves, by giving them access to the tools and resources to live self-sufficiently. Techie Girls project is designed especially for enthusiastic girls, who have interest and want to become something in information technology fields and transform their lives. Techie Girls is part of a pilot initiative especially for girls from slums & villages, which was made to create and run different kind of computer related programs like Web designing / Accounts/database/ Microsoft word / Excel / Paint / Internet browsing etc. for girls. As we know if women equipped with the proper resources, they can help their whole families and entire communities to overcome poverty, marginalization and social injustice. We do this through well planned and comprehensive programs in our different kind of education curriculum for their better livelihoods. Our main goal is the empowerment of women and girls for betterment and takes out them from poverty, discriminations and violations. We recognize the crucial role of technical education for girls, not only in helping them to lead independent, self-determined lives, but also in breaking the cycle of poverty and securing better chances for their children. This Programme will support girls with useful, relevant and quality computer training and we believe that it will help them live a life of dignity and confidence and also overcome unemployment in our country.

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