Social services and work for humanities has been started in house by our guardians honorable Lt. Sital Dass and Lt. Gurmukh Dass since 1940. They were also involved in the movement which was accompanied by The Father of our nation, Mahatma Gandhi through a mass protest on non-violent lines. They taught to support people with our helping hand in all manner like Education, underprivileged children, Senior Citizen, Handicap, Health and Community Development with a passion for humanity and Imagine a world in which children are free from poverty, live in happiness and have open access to adequate education. The initial programs those days included assistance to educational camps, relief camps and medical support. With this aim we are running some grass root programs and we will continue to launch new and innovative ways to follow our mission with the help our local resources. The initiative has begun and working collaboratively with local communities and looking also for international humanitarian agencies for their helping hand. We strive to further our ability to help children all across the world with education, and hope with increased funding the initiative will eventually expand towards our respective cause.

Joining Hands To Help The World’s

Some Outstanding Activities