Your Helping Hand can change someone’s life.

Helping hand india NGO are registered, non government, non political, non profit, secular community based public welfare organization having no discrimination of caste, color or creed. We strongly believe that the people of world, are one big family and the world is our home. We are one. This is our own place and it is our collective responsibility to make it a suitable place for its members for living and to see that all the members of this family are cared and getting due opportunities and we always try for betterment towards a world that is free from all darkness, suffering and that would be full of love, opportunities, growth and happiness. We value every Human Being and we feel that every Human Being has a right to live in peace with good health, dignity, self reliance and availability of opportunities to learn & grow.

Volunteering to a donation will revert you with social benefits and awareness for social responsibilities. The encouragement of charity will give strength to everybody towards spiritual and emotional welfare. The society will keep you in a higher position that you deserve it. There are many paybacks and Reimbursement for supporting charity, like The donation you made for a charity will have a tax deduction according to the law, All Donations to us will be Exempted from TAX U/S 80-G OF INCOME TAX ACT 1961. The giving policy of your will improves your sense of well-being and helps in developing the positive thought around you. Think of that you are using your precious time, money and efforts for the well being of others which create an inner satisfaction for you to be good and be positive. These objectives can be achieved only if educated and elite people take the responsibility and show the way for these needy persons. We need Helping Hand from people all over the world to participate in this noble cause and contribute willing to overcome this social imbalance.

  • Anil Kumar
  • ( MBA, Ph.D persuing )
  • General Secretary
  • Helping hand india NGO
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