Narayan Blind’s Home and Vocational Training

Start time September 16, 2021

Helping hand India NGO has future plan to have own 100 Intake Blind School. Helping hand India NGO is working for the rehabilitation of blind, deaf & dumb and mentally retarted students for the last 2 years by providing free education To educate, develop and rehabilitate blind students at par with sited students with a mission to remove complex in their mind that they are disabled persons and to make them unable to earn their livelihood in all spheres. We want to give the best available facilities & Braille techniques in the world in their overall development. This would be the only institute for girls with a hostel facility in our area and the school is up to senior secondary level for the blind. All the teachers here who are even blind also are well trained and highly qualified. The Students of the school will have all the facilities at a standard level in the field of various Education, Sports and Music & dancing classes. Our vision is to open Rehabilitation centers in other cities of the country, too. We want to expand our services to the remote and unreached areas of India.

Objectives and Future Plans

  • 1. Computer labs as per their requirements with the appropriate software.
  • 2. Respective equipment and Labs for desired candidates.
  • 3. To provide education and training to blind, deaf, and dumb, mentally retarted boys and girls for their Rehabilitation.
  • 4. To make available the facilities provided by the government to blind and deaf & dumb children.
  • 5. To upgrade Braille press, library, and cassette library for the blind.
  • 6. To arrange for the treatment to those, whose eyes are worth treatment and also to create awareness in this field.
  • 7. To arrange seminars and workshops on the problems of disabled persons and its solution thereof.
  • 8. To conduct special surveys on blind persons and try to solve their problems with the help of Government and the society
  • 9. To establish them in self-employment by giving vocational training.
  • 10. To undertake all those tasks which may be related to the development and growth of blind & disabled persons.