Helping hand india NGO always believed that education is what makes us humans. Good education may not be sufficient but it is certainly necessary in turning individual into good, productive citizens. Education is the light which not only illuminates the body and soul of a human being but also the entire society and nation at large. It is education that gives a person the framework to judge right and wrong. Education is essential to the advancement of a society and Helping hand india NGO is dedicated to ensuring every child receives the education and they deserve. Studies show that a non-educated society is a society that breeds violence and intolerance.Our focus is explicitly on the well-being/education of poor women and girls including from tribal and Dalit communities which include programs for their education/health and self employment, so that they can live with dignity and security. We have started changing children’s lives with the launch of our ‘Education is Strength’ Initiative. The initiative aims will provide fees for poor students, their required school uniforms and textbooks for children in need. The program is a merit and financial need based scholarship program that ensures well deserving children are not limited in pursuing their dreams. If you have ideas/suggestion or questions regarding our local work and initiatives, please do not hesitate in contacting us. Helping hand india NGO is proud to announce that we are planning our own Public School to provide value-based education for comprehensive development of children with the all required facilites like,

  • * Residential facilities.
  • * Peridical medical test on regular basis.
  • * Quality education from LKG to class XII.
  • * Equipped with latest equipment and computer labs.
  • * Various vocational courses as per need for girls/boys students.
  • * Latest infrastructure and advance technology that provides a complete learning experience to students.
  • * Coaching classes for competitive entrance examinations like PMT & PET at the school campus.
  • * Other than that, we plan to start an independent Vocational Training Institute (for computer courses, candle making, embroidery, beauty courses, handicraft, gift and professional packing, etc.) for poor students to make them self employed.
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